The idea in a nutshell


What is the problem?

Today, most technologies are underutilized. Organizations like CERN excel at research and development and create top-notch technologies. However, bringing them into industry and/or society marks a major challenge. The inability to extract the full societal value out of technological advancements could result in a macro-economic loss.


The solution: CERN's Superconductor Hackathon

CERN's Superconductor Hackathon is a highly innovative activity striving to help bringing promising technologies to industry. During a 3-days workshop in September this year, interdisciplinary teams will work on the following tasks:

- Identification and evaluation of promising application fields for the latest generation of Intermediate Temperature Superconductors
- Development of concepts and illustrations of potential solutions
- Design of viable commercialization strategies

The teams participating in the Hackathon will consist of technical and management students as well as experts from industry. While competing for the best application ideas, they will be coached and supported by Technology Transfer experts from WU Vienna, Fraunhofer, and CERN.



What's in for the participants?


Besides making the world a bit of a better place by helping to leverage a top-notch technology, participants will

- get insights into the design thinking method, concept development techniques, business modeling, and state-of-the-art technology transfer methods.
- get the opportunity to experience an interdisciplinary collaboration on a real-life technology transfer project.
- meet and experience mentoring from leading experts in the field of superconductors.
- spend three days at CERN and get their travel and accomodation costs fully covered (applies only to members of organizations that are officially affiliated with CERN).
- get a chance to win the CERN Superconductor Hackaton and win awesome price.



Preliminary agenda

For a more detailed agenda, please visit

The Superconductivity Hackathon Award Ceremony will take place on Sunday 24/09 at 11:00 in CERN's Idea Square.  Join us to learn more about the future applications of superconductivity and vote for the most motivated team.
You can access IdeaSquare via ATLAS entrace (P1) - located opposite CERN's Entrance B.

The team


The organizers


Amalia Ballarino
Section leader of the Superconductor & Devices group, CERN


Henrik Bjerke
Knowledge Transfer Officer, CERN


Prof. Dr. Peter Keinz
Deputy Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, WU Vienna

Mag. Philipp Topic
WU Vienna

Dr. Julia Bauer
Fraunhofer Ventures



Evgeniia Filippova, MSc.
WU Vienna


Dr. Markus Nordberg
Head of Resources and Development, Development and Innovation Unit

 Lynn Tran Viet
BMW Group

Amy Bilton
Knowledge Transfer Officer, CERN



Dr. Johannes Gutleber
Senior Staff Member at CERN


 Mag. Florian Schirg
Accent / BIC Austria


 Technology experts from industry and academia involved


Dr. Tabea Arndt
Siemens Corporate Technology


Prof. Dr. Marina Putti
University of Genova


Dr. Bruce Strauss
U.S. Department of Energy & Fellow of IEEE,
Council for Superconductivity


Dr. Michael Eisterer
TU Vienna


Dr. Klaus Schlenga

Dr. Ziad Melhem
Oxford Instruments Nanoscience


Prof. Dr. Carmine Senatore
University of Geneva


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