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Exploring and testing Open and User Innovation approaches to master the fuzzy front-end of innovation.



Sharing scientifically proven insights on Innovation Management and Tech Transfer via keynotes, workshops, and the INN2.BIZ blog.



Helping organizations like CERN, Fraunhofer, and Magna to implement Open Innovation methods and leverage their technologies.




Peter Keinz is Associate Professor and deputy head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the WU Vienna. Besides doing research and giving lectures, he loves to go out to industry and support organizations in becoming successful innovators.

His main interests and competences are the fuzzy front-end of innovation (idea generation), high-tech innovation (matching technologies with new market opportunities), and organizational design to foster innovation.

...and his approach to Innovation

Peter is a passionate advocate of Open and User Innovation. He strongly believes that organizations need to integrate external stakeholders into their innovation processes to stay competitive.

However, for organizations to really capitalize on Open and User Innovation approaches, they need to develop three core capabilities.



Core skills of successful innovators

Mastering the fuzzy front-end

Leveraging high-tech innovations

Preparing the organization

Collaborative User Innovation

Collaborative User Innovation

Technological Competence Leveraging

Technological Competence Leveraging

Org Design for Innovation

Org Design for Innovation


News from the Open and User Innovation community, summaries of latest scientific papers, and best-practise examples of innovation champions.

Designing your company’s business model to fit your Open Innovation Strategy

25. Januar 2017

Why is it that some companies benefit greatly from their Open Innovation activities while others fail to do so? What is it that distinguishes successful from less fortunate Open Innovation pioneers? Answering these questions is not easy at all, since there might be many different factors in place that affect an organization’s ability to benefit … Read More



Peter offers partner organizations inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and consulting services.

Voices of network partners:

Julia Bauer, Fraunhofer Ventures

„We always enjoy working with Peter. He is brilliant in helping our researchers, who have a very technical background, market their technologies. Due to his scientific background, Peter always has good and profound ideas to tricky technology commercialization tasks. We hope we can extend cooperating with Peter.“

Julia Bauer, Fraunhofer Ventures
Heinz Pernegger, ATLAS Experiment, CERN

„Peter has the rare gift to inspire scientists to innovate with a fresh mind and open eyes. He guides us through the process on what seemed so hard: To bring our research to society and industry.“

Heinz Pernegger, ATLAS Experiment, CERN



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